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Stop The NSA From Reading Your Emails

Thanks to a recent leak from a CIA contractor with Top Secret Access we now know the NSA is reading all our emails. We have a way to stop them. For $5 a month retake your privacy.

Due to legal reasons we have had to take down this presentation. However if you would like to learn how to hide from the NSA, please fill our this form to become an "insider".


We fly under the "radar" undetected from the NSA. Our operation is flexible, secure, and fast.

Strategic Location

Our servers are strategically placed throughought the globe for obscurity purposes. No single point of failure.


Advanced security algorithms and technology keep our servers secure from even the most determined hackers, including beligerant government entities.


At no time will we ever monitor or "tap" into our customers private communications.


All of our client information is highly encrypted, unlikely our client "details" could be accessed by unauthorized persons.


At no time would be ever hand over client information because we were asked to.